December 31, 2010


Christmas came & went in the blink of an eye this year. It was all a bit different because I broke my own rule & went somewhere else for the big day!! We ended up going to my mum's down in Devon & whilst it was lovely, i missed being at home with my own traditions. Call me a nutter, but i think i'm a bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to Christmas Day! It was odd being pregnant too and missing out on way too much smoked salmon, stilton, pate, brie and champagne! The kids had a fab time & loved staying with Nanny and even found travelling down in the snow on Christmas day exciting!!
The mister bought me some amazing vintage kitchen canisters & had them imported from Texas. I love them so much - and love the idea that some American housewife was using them to bake and make in 1960's America! 

Here are some of our Xmassy snaps..... enjoy

Flo got the all important job this year of placing our fairy on our tree!!

 It snowed!! This pic was taken at 7am in -9 temperatures!

 Making paper chains and christmas gifts

Dexy starred in his first Nativity and he was a cow!! It was the sweetest thing i ever did see!!

Christmas Eve

and finally.... Christmas Morning at home 

and my bestest present ever....

Chrimblio 2010 - DONE 

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