June 18, 2011


One of my big passions is interior design. It all started when I studied set design as one of my modules at university and slowly over time it has evolved into homely interiors. I love browsing interior magazines and blogs & all the before & after shots you can find of peoples homes. Sometimes I find blogs which i  become crazily obsessed totally fall in love with and they really inspire me to search out little nik-naks for my own home which are a bit different. It's nice to find things that you hope are a one off,  instead of knowing that everyone down your street probably has the same Ikea Billy Bookcase as you!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE ikea almost as much as i love my own children and have been known to spend literally hours zoned out with the new catalogue - but i'd much rather spend my hours rummaging around flea markets, car boot sales & cool little boutiques than trying to find a car parking space* at the big blue & yellow heaven. 
So, here are some pics of things I've collected over time. It's just a little selection of my favourite pieces right now - this would probably be a very different post tomorrow! I am so F.I.C.K.L.E!

my kitchen shelves

i had to include this, my 4th baby. I have wanted him since I was a little girl & we were finally blessed earlier this year. Ok, ok I *know* it is only a fridge. But it's a really cool one. Pun totally intended.

our kitchen wall where I write little reminders to the kiddos, shopping lists for the mister and mainly draw love hearts.

our hallway mirror. It seems to be made out of old batteries, but i don't think they are ones we have ever had over here in the UK. I picked this up in a gift shop in Port Issac for £1.25!

Hallway coat hooks which are only actually strong enough to hold keys. Fail.

Hallway pics. I have these polaroid photos up & down the hallway - i love them. They came in a pack of cards which i turned into framed piccies. People always think the little girl in the pink Hunters is 

This is a little corner of our lounge which is soon to be taken over by some decks & a shit load of vinyl - can't wait!! :)

AND.... here are some of my fave items.

slight obsession with russian dolls at the moment....

I adore my kitchen cannisters which the mister got me for Xmas last year from Bleubird vintages online shop 

and finally my Orla Kiely coffee pot.


*oh & that should read "whilst I sit in the passenger seat screaming at other drivers whilst the mister trys to find a space". I do not drive, but I am a very very good & experienced back seat driver.

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