August 30, 2011


As much as I worship the very ground they walk on, my little darlings have almost finished me off today. To say today was pretty much the day from hell is an understatement, and it just kept going & going & going.
It started off with school shoe shopping (i should have known then it would all end in tears). Now, I  thought I was being a right smart arse getting to the shoe shop by 9am, obviously beating every other mum who has left it to the last minute to get the school shoes, but -ahem- no, not so much..... Every single child in the WORLD needed their feet measuring apparently. Today. Right here in Bath. At 9am. (Do you even know how insanely impossible it actually is to get three kids out of the house by 8:45?)
So, there we stood with the best of them in the vacuum sealed shoe shop waiting with our little ticket, like something fun was about to happen. Until finally, one of the 'expert measurers' plonked my kids on a machine that expertly measured their feet on the 'expert measurers' behalf and then proceeded to whip my kids up into a frenzy about some shoe that has a toy in the heel. A toy in the heel which actually adds £10 to the price of the shoe. So obviously they both want this heel toy concoction and were not moving until they had them. To be honest, I would have let them have the moon on a stick at that point due to little India adding to the ambience with her rendition of 'get me out of this freakin' buggy now woman' at the top of her lungs.

That joyus experience cost me £75. That's food out the window this week then.

And then it went on & today, Florence was the gift that just kept on giving. Tantrum about no sweets in the Supermarket. Tantrum about the arm off of her new shoe toy falls off. Tantrum because I wouldn't let her eat 4 yoghurts before dinner. Tantrum from Flo because..... well, it had been 5 minutes since the last one so WHY THE HELL NOT.

And, India's teething BAD and will not be put down (thanks Chris) and Dex just joined in on any old rucus that was going on. Although he did instigate a few things and called me Mrs Poohead Billimore at one point. Not funny at 5pm when it's screamed in your face, but kind of funny now after a glass of red wine.

And breath....

Actually, why am I re-living this? Am I mental (that's rhetorical thank-you very much) Do you see what these holidays have done to me, do you????

So, anyway - School is back next week and what's the betting that by day 2 I will miss them like crazy?


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