August 02, 2011


WOW! I have not been this excited about an album since I was about 13 or 14 and discovered 'Come on feel the Lemonheads' but I just had to shout out to whoever would listen the whole world about my new found love for this group & this album. Rabbit! and their album 'Connect the Dots' is exactly what the world and his wife have been waiting for. It's music that cheers you up, lyrics that make you giggle & blush, melodies that make you dance around your kitchen smiling - tunes that get stuck in your head which you actually don't mind LOVE being there. This album is so happy & i don't know if that's because where I am right now, or whether it's the perfect soundtrack to my summer, but whatever - it works & you have to listen to them and then you need to march your little dancing fingers straight into itunes & download the album because, honestly you'd be daft if you didn't!

I first stumbled across them when I was reading the blog Pacing the Panic Room where they provided the soundtrack to an amazingly cute maternity video can watch here (i think i have already gushed about this on twitter!)..... aaaanyway, i'm blabbing on but i totally fell in love with the song Magic, so had to get it for myself. Well, it was obviously my birthday or something as there was a whole album waiting for me on itunes, which within minutes was blasting through the speakers in my kitchen.

Everyone loves it here - India falls asleep to Ladybug, Dexy & Flo go mad for Magic (over & over!) and I can't get enough of Pea - the lyrics are as sweet as pie & make you giggle. Maybe I love this album because I can hear lots of little snippets of some of my favourite bands & songs in there. I swear can hear the harmonies The Beach Boys would be proud of, the cosy love-ness of The Magic Numbers, the clever lyrics of Evan Dando.... i don't know, this album makes me think, which is good, it means it won't get boring. This is one album that will be played in this family for a long long time & will most definitely contribute to the soundtrack of me. Hurrah!

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