October 28, 2011


Over the last couple of days I've been trying my flippin' damdest to get a lovely glowing picture of me & my 6 month old baby girl! All I wanted was something to pin in her baby book for the 6 month stage. I knew I wanted something easy, natural & un-pretentious, just something special, yet captured without being staged....

BUT, instead whilst messing about with photo-booth one morning in the kitchen, I ended up taking these & I reckon they capture something lovely! Yeah, she may not have been in the mood for her Vogue moment and i totally look like a complete nut, but she sure know's how to giggle, and oh my, that sound is like gold & the perfect soundtrack for these haphazard shots..... 

enjoy x

I am so, so lucky x


  1. Oh HOW cute is she? she has such lovely fluffy hair, like a little Easter chicky!

    You look hot too mama x