October 23, 2011


What. A. Week! Gallstones anyone?
To cut a long story short i seem to have gallstones which, when they decide to attack you, hurt A LOT. So after a early morning dash to A&E and a big fat dose of morphine later, they have settled for now & I'm just waiting for some more tests to find out a bit more about my little visitors. In the mean time i've been told to avoid fatty foods, and seemingly that means I eat chicken. Lots of chicken. Oh & salad/water/dust - you get the picture. I actually feel great now, but i NEVER EVER want to go through that pain again. Give me child birth any day.

Aaaaanyway, enough about that. This week Dexy turned 6. SIX i tell you! How did that happen? The poor little man had a bit of a boring day by all accounts because of my hospital visit but we made up for it with a Halloween themed birthday party for a few of his friends a couple of days after

We also had the school harvest celebration, which the kiddos made some fab veggie monsters for. They were so proud of them and couldn't wait to take them in. Cuteness!

Here are some pics.... Enjoy x

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