November 25, 2011


We are off on a little relaxing break down to our favourite corner of Cornwall. Just for a few days we will relax, sleep in, eat nice food, drink nice wine, catch up with friends & enjoy some sea therapy. We visit the same cottage every year, but we've never been this far out of season before. For me, that kind of takes the pressure off a little bit, not having to jam-pack every day with activity. This time we can just all be together, chilling out, and i've got a feeling i'm going to need a fair bit of chilling out considering the stress that is packing up for a family of 5! The photie above is just my change bag, the stuff I cart about daily (tell me about it!) let alone what i need for 5 nights! I actually took it a while ago for a different post, but just found it as I was emptying my camera ready for the trip.

See you all soon, when i'm rested & ready for Christmas!

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