March 30, 2012

# 2

1. I wished I had been a guest at this old hollywood back yard movie night party.
2. I got annoyed when i realised i've somehow managed to lose this.
3. I read about another beautiful wedding. It's the daughter of Pip Lincoln! Cool!
4. I wondered how this little lady eats so well, whilst all my own little miss will eat is yogurts & strawberries. Oh & goldfish crackers *le sigh* Maybe I should read this some more?
5. I got excited at the prospect of visiting here again this Easter break. Providing that is, we can still fill up our car with petrol. Grrrrr.
6. I smiled at this cheery blog post from fellow UK blogger Abigail, as the UK basked in beautiful sunny days. (I even got my blue legs out it was THAT warm)

Ahhhh. Enjoy x


  1. mine is not such a great eater either...i try not to stress and hope one day that not everything comes back a churned up mess ;)

  2. Today was interesting at lunch. Sweet potato meet floor. Feta meet floor. Goldfish crackers, nom nom nom nom nom nom nom.....

    Thank the lord for Ella's kitchens smoothies....!