April 27, 2012


1. My kiddos will defo be having this french toast for brunch on Sunday.
2. These photo's totally blew me away. Feeding the soul indeed!
3. I can not wait to be able to eat avacados again. This salad is on my waiting list!
4. How awesome is Anne Lindberg? That's THREAD people!
5. I am a little bit obsessed with Rachel Khoo at the moment. As is my mate Bev! We NEED her kitchen tiles!!
6. I've been spending lots of time trying out new recipes in my kitchen this week & i have to do it listening to this podcast. Joy & Tracy make me laugh hard!
7. Do you read Recipe Rifle? I do & you should too.
8. Move to Venice Beach? OK then, but I want to live in this house.
9. I want this for my living room. Isn't it lovely?
10. Amy's ability to throw fantastic children's parties never cease to amaze me. In AWE!

Enjoy! x

Pssst: I may actually get around to blogging again sometime soon, as finally after 4 long weeks, everyone is back to full health here. Hoorah. Expect more of my ramblings very soon...

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