April 07, 2012


1. I got *this* close to ordering up a couple of prints from Pretty little thieves - I just can't decide which ones.
2. I dreamt about one day eating these baked avacado fries. Holy guacamole batman!
3. I stumbled on the beauty that is Fig and Fauna. I could pootle around that website for DAYS.
4. I finally got around to ordering myself this book. What took me so long?!
5. These fun decorated eggs popped up on my Flipboard. Dexter loved them!
6. I wished I could buy pretty much everything from MaeMae Paperie. Adorable!
7. I spent some time at Nordic Kids. How cute is this range from How to kiss a frog?
8. I think I just found one of my favourite set designers/stylists, possibly ever. Jenni Juurinen is amazing. WOW.

So, there you have it - the beautiful things from around the internet that inspired me this week. Hope you like 'em :)

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