April 29, 2012


What's that saying? The one about when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade? Well, we did that today, kind of. Replace the word lemons with the word 'rain' and replace the word lemonade with the words 'the beach' and you'll see where we're going. Yes, apparently we are mad, although i like to think of it as merely 'temporarily losing our senses' and today, on the windiest, rainiest, coldest day of Spring we hot footed it to..... Weston-super-night mare.
But of course, the kiddos had a blast! YAY! They loved every single minute of it & i bet if you asked them right now if it was rainy or sunny today, they would not have a clue! Don't do that by the way, it's 9pm!
They played tons of games, they ate fish & chips, they zoomed about on bumper cars, they had fresh donuts - heck, they even had their first slush puppie! Now that's a memory right there! Flo & I even attempted the helter skelter..... although, it was kind of a major fail for a number or reasons;
1) We forgot to collect our mats at the bottom before we hiked up SIXTY NINE steps.
2) We got half way up the SIXTY NINE steps & mama's legs morphed into some sort of jelly.
3) We got to the top & looked at the slide. Flo's face went green. I looked like as if i'd just stared death in the eye.
6) We went back down SIXTY NINE FREAKIN' STEPS, holding the handrail for all of our worth.
7) We finally get our feet back on level ground.
Phew! Humiliation over! No? No? NO! Because the whole world & his wife were able to enjoy our helter skelter freak out in all it's glory due to the CCTV cameras that they so kindly plant at the top. These are apparently positioned there so that people can entertain themselves watching their loved ones climb SIXTY NINE steps, whilst they get their cameras ready to capture the glorious faces of glee portrayed by said loved ones as they zoom down. Hmmm, yeah, thanks for that Grand Pier! As if having to crawl under (Flo) or pole vault (me) the one-way barrier at the bottom of the SIXTY NINE stairs isn't punishment enough for being a wimp. No, seriously, THANKS.
Anyway, having put that to rest, here's some pics. I only took my phone, so with the combination of dark & movement, they are not that great, but we like them :)

That's a fake smile. Look how tight she's holding on!! This 'ride' was abandoned after 45 seconds!

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