May 09, 2012


I have a real love affair with London. Even though I only lived there for 10 years, it is the place I most consider 'home'. I'd spent so long as a child dreaming of one day living there, that when I moved there for University age 18, i felt instantly that this was where I was meant to be. I loved everything about it. I loved the diversity, I loved the anonymity, I loved riding the tube, hopping on & off the old route masters. I loved spending my skint student days in Ealing & Waterloo (less said about those days the better, my kids will read this one day!) and then later, my working days in Soho. London was where I fell in love, where I set up my first home & where I had two babies - all very special and important things. Yes! I love it VERY much, so this past Bank Holiday, we took the kiddos to London to visit their grandparents.
This visit was long overdue as far as we were concerned, so we thought we'd take advantage of the extra-long weekend & get on it. As always, London was lovely & this visit we took some time to show the kiddos some special places like where they were born, the various houses we lived in, the places we used to work & where we'd often visit. It was lovely to reminisce & show them their roots if you like.
Whilst we were there, we took the kiddos to The Natural History Museum for the first time. HOW BUSY is this place?! I don't remember this hysteria before, but then that was pre-kiddos so i probably didn't notice, but wow! It's a good job we're British & love a good que. They had so much fun & especially loved dressing up as little explorers - they looked soooo cute! It was the first time they'd seen crazy mirrors too and oh my goodness, they laughed & laughed & laughed! They were hilarious and I could have watched them perform for hours - plus i loved the ones that made my hair long and my legs skinny, in fact, i think i may get one of those babies for home!
We took a Sunday stroll along the embankment, one of my favourite things to do there & we visited one of my loveliest friends Soraya, who cooked us an awesome lunch & let the kids wreck her house (sorry Soz!) India took a particular liking to Phooey the cat, so much so that Phooey the cat decided it was safer to hide out under a chair outside in the peeing down rain (sorry Phooey!) & the kiddos discovered Tin-Tin thanks to a little story time with Aunty Soraya. Sweet!
We took in some parks and generally just relaxed. London is really gearing up for this summers Jubilee & what with the Olympics too, it's going to be a pretty exciting time! Mental note to self- visit more often, maybe then you'll stop missing it as much!

Here's a few pics from our visit. Enjoy x

(When Flo met Flo!)

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