May 11, 2012


1. I want to be organised. I really do, just like Dottie!
2. I would LOVE to go to Pellegrini's! Who the heck wouldn't?!
3. How cute is this shade? I miss you Habitat.
4. Dexy & Flo loved reading The girl with the birds nest hair this week!
5. I'd love these little french vintage bowls. J'adore!
6. Why aren't you making this NOW? Yumminess.
7. Well Hello there new favourite blog! I'll be spending a lot of time here, i can tell.
8. Ooo, i'd forgot all about this place! I really want to take my kiddos there!
9. This is going to come in so handy this summer!
10. I am 100% going to order this print for my dining room. Fact!

Happy weekending everyone x

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