June 01, 2012

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE: this weeks findings....

1. My hubby just made my year! He got me a new digital SLR (look up!!)
2. It's a boy! Waahey! Congrats to all the bleubird bunch!
3. I did some fantasy shopping & thought you'd like this one Bevlaaaaar?
4. I can not believe it's June already! Grab this free download from the guys at Link with love.
5. I am so excited about the diamond jubilee! Who knew i'd be that person? Get involved because it's a bit boring to constantly moan about everything to do with the UK. Billy Bragg & Morrissey totally have that covered.
6. I feel like i've been waiting forever for this book. HURRY UP!
7. Will visit here very soon! Another annoying case of bad timing, i was in London 2 weeks ago. Dammit.
9. Well said that Mama. Parenting is so hard, so why don't we all just give each other a break? 
10. This post by Joy The Baker made me, smile, chuckle & think. Happy 30th!

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