May 22, 2012


Today was fun!
The Olympic torch relay (minus - aaaargh, another case of bad timing) came to Bath. Hurrah! 
Excitement started building this morning, when Dexter decided that whilst I was busy running about like a loon trying to find clean uniforms enjoying my coffee, he wanted to make a torch of his own. NOW! So, that's what we did.... at 7am. 
Then we get to school & it turns out that the main activity of the day would be - making their own torches. So, our last minute torch, for all the tantrums it caused ("why don't you have any yellow crepe paper? What kind of a mother ARE you?") was in fact, pointless. Hmph.
Anyway, after a day wearing shorts - yes, that's right. i wore shorts today - we picked up the eldest two and we were told some very exciting news. The school had decided to do their own mini Olympic torch relay at lunchtime today & two children from each class were picked to run for their class around the playground, with the rest of the school cheering on! Well, my two completely forget to tell me that they were both chosen to do this! WHAT!? Dexter came out telling me he'd ate all his lunch, whilst Flo's big news was that she sat down next to Harry on the mat.... Jeez guys, talk about sweating the small stuff! 

So after all that excitement we had our torches ready & we headed to the park... it comes..... oh no wait. That's an old bus. Let's get our flags out anyway.
ahhh... here it is...
Oh. Bye then. Off he goes without a care in the world!
It was such a lovely atmosphere. Lots of our friends were there with all their kiddos, lining the streets smiling, cheering, happy & waving! I honestly felt happy & proud to be there. Then, as I turned to look at that flame go past, I caught sight of Dexy & I had one of those butterfly tummy moments! All of a sudden I was back in 2005 & in London when the news came in that we had won the bid for the Olympics 2012. I rubbed my ever growing tummy whilst sat at my desk in my Dean Street office, and thought to myself "OMG! I WILL HAVE AN ALMOST SEVEN YEAR OLD BY THEN"!!!
Well, we really did win the Gold didn't we! As we stood there today, witnessing this once in a lifetime moment with all 3 of our kiddos, it became clear that not only was it a very special moment to me on a personal level, but it was an afternoon that none of us will forget.

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