June 23, 2012


Because this blog is a memory catcher (amongst other things) I thought it would be fun to occasionally post about some of the things I am loving at the moment. 
I am totally faddy (is faddy a word?). I know I am totally faddy, and I am fine with being totally faddy. I go through stages of LOVING something so much that I use it / wear it / eat it constantly, then a couple of months later, i'm wondering why I loved it quite so much. 
It's just what I do & at the moment, i am getting along just fine with these items...

1. Mr Moleskin. 
This little fella is a KEEPER. 
I recently hooked up with some of my oldest friends & they introduced me to the world of Moleskin. I have always been a stationary geek, something that got me into a few 'situations' shall we say at work. It was important to me to have pens in every colour known to man. It was important to me to have the right shaped rubber (seriously, who am I?) and it was very important to me to label said items with ALIA THOMAS then later ALIA BILLIMORE so everyone around me knew where they stood. Trust me, there are some serious vultures out there and it's not the done thing to shout "GET YOUR OWN BLOODY STATIONARY" in peoples faces. I tried that, and it just got me a warning. Pfffft!
So, yep. I like a good diary, and these are the best on the block. Loads of space for notes, loads of space per day, a weekly, monthly, yearly planner, pockets, a separate notebook, and -wait for it- STICKERS! Yep, stickers. So, now when I have a hair appointment I get to stick a little hairdryer symbol on the page.... don't even attempt to lie to me & say you don't want to do that too...

2. My Saltwaters. 
I LOVE these and have waited almost a year to get my feet into them. 
They were proving quite difficult to get hold of in the UK, so I got my sister-in-law who lives in California to ship me over some and... they didn't fit! Cue major 'bulldog chewing a wasp bitchface' from me. After what was essentially forever (that afternoon) I found some in my size, in the very city I live in and  only 15 minutes from my house. See, i told you they were near impossible hard to find in the UK. So, once again all was well with the world. My feet found happiness & my face went back to normal. 
The next day it rained. And it hasn't stopped since. FAIL.

3. Ahhh, My slouchy hobo. 
I am a bag girl, a bag girl 'til i die. I love them all, but my favourites are big over sized slouchy ones. You know the type right? They can hold the whole world in them, and add at least 10 minutes to any time you need to spend looking for your keys or phone. This does annoy me slightly i'll admit, but this one is different as it has zips & multiple pockets inside so all my important things are never where they should be right there for easy reach. Perfection! I have never been a changing/nappy bag kind of mama (why are they all so ugly?) so with 3 kiddos, my bags have to be mahoosive. I got this one from Urban Outfitters & it's recently gone on sale. Go get!

4. Elle Decoration. 
This is one of my monthly must have magazines, along with Living ETC, Jamie Magazine & my ipad version of Donna Hay Magazine (please start stocking in the UK Donna, we've been waiting for you forever!) 
Ahh yes, Elle Decoration, a cup of coffee & a mountain of jaffa cakes (i wish) and i am one happy girl! My mum got me into this magazine ages ago, but if she thinks she'll ever get me on board with Country Living she's got another thing coming.

5. And finally, my TOMS. 
Possibly the comfiest things I have ever put on my tootsies. It's like i'm walking on air! Plus, they look so good with jeans and having spent my whole life trying to find a pair of jeans that suit me (true story) I finally have, and I don't think i've taken them off since. I'm a little late with the whole TOMS thing to be honest (gimme a break, i'm in my thirties) but i like them. 
Plus the One for One idea is a genius one, and i'm happy to be a part of that. 
Yes, I like TOMS, I like them A LOT i really want to write "lets go to Aspen" whenever I say that.


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