June 07, 2012


I know it's not every ones cup of tea, but I was totally up for celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee. So, a couple of months ago, some neighbours & I started organising a street party. We sorted music, bbq's and bunting. We made salads, tea & cakes. We closed the road, put up the gazebo's and got our flags at the ready.
And then, you guessed it, the rains came. And boy, did it POUR! 
But, well, we're British & we kind of expect that & although our original dreams of shiny happy people drinking Pimms and basking in the sunlight were hastily replaced with anoraks, soggy feet & cold, we still had a jolly nice time. 
The kiddos in the street loved it & of course the rain added to the excitement for them! The oldies who ventured out said how pleased they were to have these things in the street again & reminisced how they used to have them all the time. Even some of the students came along & brought home made cakes, which was lovely. 
We all got to know each other a little better, gave our little community here a bit of a boost and had a good old laugh at ourselves as we stood around BBQ-ing & drinking wine in the pissing down rain! 
I didn't go crazy on pictures, but i did take a few to capture just how wet it was! 

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