June 19, 2012


A couple of days ago, Dexter came down stairs waving something he'd printed out from the internet: "Look Mum, I want to make this for our pudding" ...
Aww bless! He'd been looking through the Cbeebies website & found this recipe for baked blackcurrant rice. Yup - Dexy does have & always has had a major sweet tooth thing going on!
So, with a little recipe tweaking (we used Scottish blackberries instead of blackcurrants which we chopped up a bit, and we had to cook it for about 20 minutes longer than 'I can cook' Katy suggested) they made this for their pudding this evening.
Although we did all our working on the hob (why? I dunno) - you don't actually use the hob at all, so the kiddos pretty much took control until it came to popping it in & out of the oven. They loved the responsibilty of that almost almost as much as the pudding itself! I must admit too, that it was pretty damn gooooood!
Here's some pics (Flo was all "Mum - take photo's of EVERYTHING" ha!)

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