July 09, 2012


At the school summer fayre on Saturday, we won a family ticket to @Bristol, which was awesome because we had been wanting to go for ages, we just hadn't got around to it. So, yesterday morning we packed up our troubles & headed West! YAY!
We were there by half ten (get us) which was a pretty good move on our part because it was fairly quiet then so the kids got a feel for the place without too many other kids there. There was so much on offer, so much to do, so much to learn! Everything is hands on and all kiddos height, and explained in kiddo terminology so they get it & they don't get bored. No, at @Bristol, kids (or their parents) definitely do not get bored!
Whilst the mister took Indi to the cafe for a coffee (him, not her - at least i hope not), I took Dex & Flo into the planetarium. This ticked the boxes for all 3 of us; Flo liked it because she was able to shout out answers REALLY LOUD (it seems my little girlie knows quite a lot about our Solar System!) Dex liked it because he got to pretend he was in space for a whole 30 minutes & i liked it because I got to sit down for a whole half an hour. In the dark. I may or may not have closed my eyes and fallen asleep for a little bit.....
After our tour of the Summer night skies, we explored everything else the place had to offer 7 the quickest 3 hours of my life passed by! The animation area was awesome. We investigated water, air, light, the human body (being in the 'womb' was a bit weird though), fossils, & the jungle.
@Bristol really is an amazing place to take your children, and if you're local & you haven't, then you're in for a treat. I was going to say that it's probably best for age 5 and up, but i'm going to scrap that as India had a blast. There was plenty of time & space for her to walk about exploring & because they actively encourage bumbling toddlers that resemble a drunk E.T, she was in her element.
Then we went outside into Millennium Square to picnic & let the kids run wild in the water features....
A day full of fun was had by all. AND, AND the sun had his hat on! Finally...

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