July 27, 2012

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE: this weeks findings...

1. Have you seen Beach Tomato? Ahhhh, beach life permanently.
2. I bought a load of Mexican food products from Otomi in Clifton this week. HOT!
3. Apparently this week is tequila week! I can't make it to Wahaca so my kitchen will have to do!
4. I laughed when I saw this print! I think i need it...
5. I could blow a small fortune on me me me, then it would be on Blur:21
6. I picked just up this street food revolution book for £3! Best £3 i ever spent.
7. I absolutely adore Gemma Ahern's home.
8. Remember that homemade ketchup i never made? Here's the french fries to go with it. In my dreams!
9. You can never have too many tips!
10. You need this massage bar mainly because you can use it as a moisturiser! Forget that it's called 'Honeymooners' and i sincerely hope that when you buy it, you are not subjected to a demo in store, using YOURSELF. That is the opposite of fun, trust me. Especially when the end of the demo is met with a wink, a smile and the words "and...it's edible". But don't let that put you off, i'm just unlucky.

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