August 03, 2012

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE: this weeks findings...

1. This courgette & garlic lovliness will be happening in my kitchen this week.
2. I want this print somewhere in my home.
3. I would love Dexy & Flo to do one of these cookery classes. Yay Jamie!
4. WoW! not without salt is just beautiful.
5. This jumper? LOVE.
6. We're kind of desperate to eat food from Banhmii11.
7. I recently stumbled across Decade - an illustrated diary from Bernadette Pascua. Her illustrations are beautiful.... have a look at her sketchbook
8. I'm making this for our supper tonight. Finally!
9. Sriracha hot sauce is my new kitchen staple! More about those soon...
10. Did i tell you before about this blog something i made? Probably, but it's my new favourite place, so it deserves another cheer. Hooray!


  1. Hello! Wow - thanks for the link, that's made my night - can go to bed happy now and stop faffing around on the computer... just got to close down those other 20 tabs now...