September 10, 2012


Let me share with you this amazing new online shop Shipshape Studio It was brought to my attention couple of weeks ago, and I'm still enjoying working my way around it's beautifully designed website. It's kind of a strange browsing experience when you wander around Shipshape studio because to me, it doesn't feel like i'm mechanically clicking tedious links to get to the product i want. Instead, i feel like i am physically meandering through a beautiful modern boutique, full of things i love!
Shipshape studio was set up by Emily & her partner Adam in November 2011 - you can read more about their journey on the shipshape studio blog here.
I wanted to share the shipshape studio shop as part of a new series of places or brands that i love. The internet is so overwhelmingly huge that i need to group up & remember the places that i adore.  
Have a look at these pieces i that i particularly love, want & NEED! Thank goodness i have a birthday coming up - family, take NOTE! 




So, go make a brew & have a look at this place, then when your done, think about how much fun a party would be... I know i want in!

Enjoy x

this isn't a sponsored post, i just love it!