September 03, 2012


Fancy something that tastes sweet, spicy & is good for you?
Well, of course? Then these are for you!
Sweet Potatoes are not just good for you, they are SUPER good for you & have so many amazing properties. Their high levels of beta carotene are responsible for healthy skin, a healthy digestive system and strong lungs. They are also really high in Vitamin C (now is totally the season to be stocking right up on that fella) which is both an antioxidant and essential for a healthy immune system. I always make sure the kiddos have sweet pots a couple of times a week - especially Flo who suffers from mild asthma.
OK, OK, science lesson over!
The mister & I have pretty much ditched normal potatoes all together in favour of sweet pots and this recipe is one of my favourite ways to enjoy them.
Make them tomorrow & serve them with these veggie burgers and you'll go to bed happy :)
Or do what i'm going to do & make a huge batch of them next weekend & serve them with this ketchup.
Spiced sweet potato fries will not disappoint...

So, for four as a side dish, you will need:
(recipe adapted from Leon Book 2)

- 4 medium sized sweet potatoes
- Extra virgin olive oil spray
- 1 tbsp ground cumin
- 1 tbsp dried chilli flakes
- 1 tbsp ground coriander
- sea salt
- freshly ground black pepper

and you will need to do this:

1. Pre-heat your oven to 180-200c / 350-400f / GM4-6
2. Wash & dry your sweet pots, then cut them into thick wedges. Don't peel them!!
3. Place them in a roasting tin & spray (to cover) with the olive oil. Toss them about a bit so they are all lightly coated.
4. Sprinkle over the ground cumin, chilli flakes & ground coriander. You don't have to use all 3, or even a full tbsp of each - just adjust to your taste. If you don't like things too hot, go easy on the dried chilli ;)
5. Season with the sea salt & pepper, then give another spray of olive oil. Toss it all together again, so everything gets a good coating of everything.
6. Roast in the oven for about 30 to 40 minutes, until the skins are crispy & the insides soft.
7. Serve with some dips and salt & pepper, and a wedge of lemon for drizzling over if you're me ;)
8. Eat Eat Eat!

Enjoy x

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