November 30, 2012

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE: 30.11.12

1. This teapot from Little Green Shed has rocketed to the numero uno spot on my Christmas list.
2. If there was ever a bag for me this from Modcloth is the one.
3. I picked up The Kitchen Diaries 2 this week. Perfect for snuggling on the sofa drinking vanilla coffee. Mmmmm
4. This week, i fell in love with this blog from Nicole. Such a treasure chest!
5. OMG, i LOVE the craziness of this project!
6. We had this white bean crostini with salsa verdi for supper last night. I'm still thinking about it...
7. This from Devon made me think.
8. Check out this workspace. I heart the yellow!
9. This is how i'm planning to wrap Christmas.
10. We have to be.

Happy Weekending! Mwah xx


  1. so glad to have found your lovely blog through Oyster & Pearl

  2. Eeek! MY TEAPOT - why thank you! Tell your present buying person that there is 20% off in my shop at the moment Code BUMPER20 xxx

  3. Ooooo, I WILL! Thanks for that :)