November 06, 2012

From my sick bed i'm popping on to say that i'm going be away from the blog for a few days. Nothing serious, i've just got a really bad cold that is zapping all my energy. Indi is in the midst of a sickness bug too, as well as the other two on pox-watch!! Let's hope that next week, we will all be back to normal.... 


  1. Loving your blog- came to have a look after chatting to you on twitter last night and am now subscribing. I have the two- my lifestyle one which is and my parenting one which is

    Looking forward to reading more. Hope you all feel better soon. xx

    1. Thanks Katie! Sorry for the late reply, i've been ill (as you know, throat infection =yuk!) and my mac has been playing up too! But, thanks for stopping by after our twitter chitter chat - both of your blogs are lovely :) I look forward to spending more time there!! xx