January 15, 2013


Flo will be SIX (say, what?!) this February 14th & this year she wants a craft party with a valentines day theme. So, she's having six of her little friends to come party and with the help of some willing family members we're going to help them create some (hopefully) lovely things to take home with them. At the moment I'm frantically pinning like a mad woman and trying to get some things sorted in advance. I've started planning the favours for the party bags with these make your own necklace cards from Alexis being made tonight (i can't wait to do this). Already the food lists are being drawn up - of course they are, this is me..  and on that note actually how easy are cake pops to make? I've never made them, or had any desire to either but i think they'd be good for the party? Bear in mind what a shockingly awful baker I am before you answer that though...

So, wouldn't you know planning a party can actually be quite fun & that's coming from the mother who normally hates this process. That might possibly be due to the fact that we've been to the sodding Zany Zone for parties every year bar one so i'm not going to beat myself up too much about my lack of Alsopp-ness just yet. Thankfully, it looks as if this party might actually be one that doesn't have me wanting to lie in a dark room drinking gin for weeks afterwards. Here's hoping...

Sources all from Pinterest:


  1. All great ideas - esp the crowns and the crayons, I've been wanting to try doing that for a while. Resisted buying alphabet silicon ice trays in muji the other day with something like that in mind.

  2. Pins look lovely! But just had 3rd birthday party last week so a little way to go before we get onto these :-)

    I'm hosting a Party Party at Mums Make Lists for birthday party related posts and would love for you to link up http://mumsmakelists.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/party-planner.html