January 04, 2013

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE: 04.01.13

1. Happy New Year parents!
2. I know a certain 20 month old who would look SO cute in these. Infact, I adore the whole shop...
3. I really really love the work of Emily McDowell. Check her out!
4. You know how I enjoy a good before & after? Well this bedroom has me dreaming.
5. This DIY spice project simply HAS to happen to my kitchen. I just need an extra wall.
6. Congratulations to my lovely friend Lucy who had her first novel published yesterday!!!
7. Je t'aime indeedy :)
8. Do you have your 2013 calendar yet? No? You're in luck!
9. Was there ever a more perfect soup than this one from Smitten Kitchen? I'll be making it asap...
10. Never a truer word spoken.

Happy Weekending friends :)

P.S - I'm supporting my blogger bud Charlotte on her mission by spending January not being a total wine lush! You can sponsor her & help raise money for Cancer UK here!


  1. love those illustrations by Emily Mcdowell, thanks for sharing!

    1. no problem! They are lovely aren't they :)

  2. So adore that 2013 year planner-- exactly what we need {& it'll match our room decor too}


    1. Oh good! I'm annoyed I already have our calendar ;)