February 28, 2013


On Monday of this week, I was lucky enough to join the very lovely Fritha, Abi and Nell for a day out at the Thermae Spa. I've lived in Bath since Florence was 8 weeks old and in all those 6 years I've never once visited (I know, crazy). So after a frantic school run and one huge buzerko tantrum from India, I was more than ready to chill out and have some child free time amongst new friends.

The spa was / is just beautiful and as soon as I stepped into those hot mineral waters i knew i wanted to stay there for well, days actually! Again, why have i not been before?! 
Within minutes of our guided tour ending, we were relaxing in the indoor pool area chatting about everything and anything from embarrassing waxes (me) Bath rugby team (Abi) and having more babies (er, definitely not me). I'd not actually met Fritha or Nell previously, yet it was instantly as comfortable a vibe as if i was there half naked with my closest and oldest girl friends (it's a funny experience meeting someone for the first time in just your cozzie)...

After we had taken a dip on the rooftop pool we headed to the most amazing steam rooms i have ever been in. Each was infused with a different aromatic essence which I'd never experienced before. It was exhilarating and I can now say I'm a big fan of the eucalyptus mint room - heaven!
Believe it or not, all that time spent doing little more than floating and sitting is in fact hungry work (no, really!) so the three course meal we were treated to did not disappoint. The red snapper I ordered as a starter was so so good and it was a nice treat to have a little glass of wine too. Ladies who lunch eh?  How decadent!

So, all in all an amazing day in this beautiful city with some lovely ladies is just the sort of day I needed and I can tell that the spa is going to be my new favourite thing to do!

This is a sponsored post but as always all opinions honest and my own (I'm clever like that).
This place really is that awesome!


  1. was such a lovely day! So nice to have met you at at last, and on a vain note I really like that picture of me! x

    1. It is a lovely photo of you, even though you're hard at work ;) Thanks again lovely for such a treat - I'm hoping we have many more meet ups and i can't wait to meet Wilf xx

  2. yey this brings it all back! was such a fun day, we should definitely do it again! xx

    1. I would 100% be up for that! I think I'm having withdrawl symptoms!!