March 28, 2013


Trying to brighten up this March (almost April - what the hell?!) by bringing nature in the home with some tulips. It's kind of working and the sun is shining and the snow has finally stopped. Yay for that.

Dexter is poorly. He has chicken pox and he has it really bad. I always thought that when the spots came out, they were not meant to feel 'ill' as such. WRONG! He has been lolling on the sofa, dazed and confused since Sunday. We cut our trip to the south coast short and brought him home, so he would feel more comfortable but the poor boy must have at least 400 spots. He is literally covered, it's so sad to watch him suffer and now i understand why people want their kids to have it earlier rather than later, as Dexter is 8 at the end of the summer (summer, please happen!) and it's awful.
Thankfully yesterday was the first day he didn't itch, and today he finally seems himself again. He even protested like a stroppy teenager when I asked him to go upstairs to clean his face & brush his teeth...

As the other two have not had it, we are on pox watch. Urgh. I just hope that they get it, suffer little and it moves out fast.

>> joining in for the first time with Lou from Little Green Shed :)


  1. Hi Lia, sorry to hear about Dexter. Poor little love. Lots of cuddles eh? It's so tiring, take care of yourself also. Thanks for joining in, I'd love to have you here more often. Have a lovely weekend. x

  2. Thanks Lou! He's over the worst i'm sure but this long weekend could not have come at a better time! Have a lovely Easter! x

  3. What a stunningly simple yet beautiful photo. hope your wee man is feeling better now, horrible when they're ill isn't it. katie x

    1. Thank you! He's doing great now, i'm just waiting for outbreak 2 and then 3! It could be a loooong month!