March 22, 2013

22.03.13 | FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE

> Do you love this light? I love this light. It looks lovely on my table.
I canNOT deal. I just can't. I'm done with how funny this is. Number 22 is the Michael Mcintyre of the dog world!
Lizi's Granola is how i'm starting my day - every day. It is SO good and SO good for me! Thanks Lizi!
> I love Sarah's spin on the whole 'what I wore' blog staple. Fab idea!
> Why can't I just have one churro party?! Damn you world.
Super useful for bloggers...
> I made my own version of this pizza this week & I can't wait to share.
> I bought this apron! I had to...
> I love those painted raindrops.
Hahaha! Awkward.


  1. I make pretty much that exact same granola. Throw in some dried cranberries, sultanas and chopped apricot too. It's SO GOOD isn't it?! YUM!

    1. ooo chopped apricot - good one! I've just got into chia seeds too and sprinkle some of them on top. Anyway, must dash i need to polish my halo ;)