March 02, 2013

02.03.13 | FLO'S CRAFT PARTY

Last weekend saw Flo's craft party that we had been planning together for weeks! Since her birthday falls on Valentines day, she wanted a Valentines themed party - craft style! Now, I am by no means the crafting type. Don't get me wrong, I know my way around a sewing machine (because my mum forced me to take G.C.S.E textiles telling me enthusiastically that I could make all my own clothes when I grew up - yeah nice one mother!) but crafting on the whole is just not my thang. I tried to convince myself that I enjoyed it a couple of years back and i think i actually made a friend of mine a doorstop full of rice (pah! you know you want of those) and I also made Flo a bag but I'll admit that I ran out of steam fairly quickly when it comes to my whole crafting fad. 
Anyway, when a doe eyed Flo asks you for a craft party then a craft party she damn well gets, even if you know deep down that it could quite possibly finish you off! The way I got round having a complete mental flip out though was to try and be super organised and make all the kits before hand. So i did. All 48 of them. Oooo check me out...

from top to bottom:
hanging felt owls // whirlybirds // cupids arrows // bracelets // gingerbread // hair slides // party bags

All eight girls had a blast - one declaring "this is the best party i've EVER been to Flo" and another taking all her goodies in for show & tell on Tuesday morning. Now how cute is that?!

So it seems it was a success in the end and who knows, I may even let India have one of these when she's bigger (but you can't hold me to that as I wrote that last line with my fingers crossed behind my back...)!

*thanks to my lovely cousin Jasmine for helping out and for being on hand with the camera when the birthday cake came out!!


  1. Wow! What an amazing party. I want to come to the next one ;)

    1. you'd be more than welcome should I ever lose my mind again & decide to throw one!!

      And why have we not yet met up?! We started planning it in November! We are on pox watch at the moment :(

  2. Really innovative crafting ideas for the party! Will surely use them for my daughter’s birthday next month at one of exquisite event venue in our city. Have ordered colorful cake and cookies. Hope all kids have fun doing the creative activities.