April 23, 2013


Tuesdays tune: sharing what i'm listening to and the songs I love. 
This week, the Big Mountain cover of 'Baby, I Love Your Way'

Ahh. This song from the soundtrack of one of my favourite movies soon became the soundtrack to one of my favourite summers as a teenager. This movie had everything for me  - the heroine was who I wanted to be, the hero was who I wanted to fall in love with & well, everything else just signalled a sign of the times whilst cobbling together a fantastic love story for the nineties :)

Wow - listening to it again I just love the way that music does that. You know, the way a song can take you back to a place and times in a nanosecond, that's what it's about for me. Music for me isn't about liking what's cool (like i even know what's cool! ha!) or instantly disliking something because it becomes mainstream ( i hate that). No, this song totally adds to the soundtrack of me, which is surely the point, right?

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