May 10, 2013

10.05.13 | FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE

1. Check out the beautiful Collectiv42. It's a new vintage retro shop set up by one of my besties Soraya :)
2. I'll be making this chicken tostada salad this weekend.
3. I love this saying, and now I waaaaaant that print.
4. I would have loved to attend this Letterpress Craft Night. But y'know a 12hr plane ride would have been a little excessive!
5. When we jiggle the bedrooms around here, I want this paper in our bedroom. And now i'm impatient and C will be rolling his eyes back into his brain. Ha!
6. Speaking of bedroom changes I think I may order these for the girls room!
7. It's Mothers Day in the US this weekend (Happy Mothers Day!) and i think they should all be treated to a class of Raspberry Rose Fizz. Actually, so should us UK mamas, why not?!
8. Wedges. Can't stop, won't stop (can't walk).
9. New iphone case? Love this one.
10. True. Just be NICE.

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