June 14, 2013


1. EATING /// I made an adapted version of this Portobello mushroom burger this week & it was amazing. I've suddenly got a real thing for burgers and i'm loving it!!

2. SMILING /// I've been reading Alexis's lovely blog Something I Made for ages, so i can't believe I hadn't seen this beautiful love letter before. It's amazing, and I'm in awe. I tried to stamp gift tags one time for Christmas and I must have made about three before I gave up!

3. LOVING /// I've got a feeling I'm way behind the rest of the world when it comes to Fine Little Day. I'm going to need some serious restraint here! I'd love that wallpaper above, but my house is already in danger of becoming total monochrome so I'd better not. Oh, and there's the blog too - that's where I'm spending this evening...

4. SNOOPING /// I've got a bit of a thing for nosing at other peoples workspaces. I like seeing how different people make their space their own. In my dreams I'd have a big room full of inspirational pieces hung about with washi tape, piles of old magazines and scrap book upon scrap book of recipes yet to make.

5. READING /// Did you see the my morning routine series from Bon Appetit? I love it. I'm most like Shirley Manson I reckon which  of course makes the Britpop girl inside me very happy!

Have a good weekend friends!

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  1. I saw this and forgot to comment! Thanks for the link lady - you seem to be sending me most of my blog traffic!