June 07, 2013


1. WISHING /// I would very much like to be the proud owner of this screen printed tote from SlideSideways etsy shop. Totes amaze (sorry, couldn't resist)

2. LOVING /// I love it when i stumble across a blog i've not seen before and Pinja Colada is no exception. I lost a good few hours last night reading whilst ooohing & aahhhing. Yep, Pinja satisfies my Scandi appetite effortlessly.

3. SHOPPING /// Do you ever visit Archies Boutique? You should, because it's full to the brim with gorgeous clobber for your small folk. I've currently got my eye on this fox tee for Indi.

4. INSPIRING /// Just look at how amazing Rita Konig's home is. Ok, so it's in Manhattan which is undoubtedly cool anyway, but wow. Just WOW.

5. EATING /// Well whaddya know, my curiosity finally got the better of me and I made and ate this peanut butter & gherkin sandwich. It was 100% the right thing to do because it is GOOD. Perfect and good. Go on, get on board the freaky sandwich train - it's fun!

past fridays...

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