July 19, 2013


1. PINNING // I love everything about this photograph. I would love a copy of it for my kitchen, i mean look at those colours!

2. CHILLING // By making & enjoying these Dark & Stormy ice lollies. Making these is on my summer bucket list.

3. EATING // A veggie taco just like this one. Oh sweet lordy lord.

4. ACCEPTING // I am not a natural crafter by nature but I think this is cute. If i attempted that though, it would probably end up on here. It's cool though, I'm over it.

5. WISHING // In the future I own an airstream don't you know and she is just like Amelia.

How lovely is this weather? 
It's so nice and I'm really enjoying the way it has slowed the pace of life right down. It's too hot to be frantically rushing about the place, so we're taking many breaks throughout the day to play in the paddling pool or just sit eating ice-lollies. Long may it continue I say, especially as my big two break up from school this afternoon which is very very welcomed! The past two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster as Dex is moving from Infants to Juniors (I may have cried as I attempted some sort of gushing thank-you to his headmistress this morning- ahem) and we have been non-stop in transition mode, which involved lots of good-byes and lots of tears (mainly from me - i'll admit i'm not good at this stuff) but I'm glad that he simply can not wait to be a junior. I can rest assured that it's going to be a happy new adventure for him. 

Happy weekend friends x

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