September 08, 2013

08.09.13 | ALMOST 34

1. I love a good coffee (although I'm more obsessed with tea, green with raspberry if you're making) and what better way to make it than in one of these Pantone Espresso Makers. Coming to the UK soon, hurrah!

2. I am in desperate need of some new cons. I worked out that the ones i wear day in, day out were actually bought 11 years ago when we were in L.A - 11 years!

3. I really really really want a Kanken Mini in Uncle Blue. I'm a bag girl (shoes? Yawn) and these are just too cute. I love, no scrap that, I NEED this bag. Of course I do.

4. Flowers. I love peonies, and every birthday needs flowers. Simple.

5. My kitchen is crying out for a new radio. I love the radio and it is on permanently. My listening schedule goes like this: 6:30 - Radio Two for Chris Evans then over to Six Music for Lauren Laverne followed by Radcliff & Maconie after which I listen to a little Steve Lamacq before switching back to R2 for some Simon Mayo action followed by the evening spent with Jo Whiley. 
Oh yes, it's all serious high brow stuff y'know. My favourite radio day though is Saturday, and woe betide anyone who gets in the way of my favourite Liza Tarbuck. She is hands down my favourite lady of all time! I'm cool & you know it.

6. This book. Jeeeeeez, how many times do i need to bang on about this book before it lands on my lap?! C'mon people, get with the programme.

So, this is what soon to be 34 year old Lia looks like, thank you for humouring my spoilt brattish 6 year old self. Want? Need? Rude!

This is not a sponsored post, i genuinely want all this stuff.


  1. I hope you have left this post open in front of the key person involved in buying presents in your house. Hubby, I'm looking at you. My husband doesn't have a clue, so I've set up a Pinterest board with the things I like. Spoilt, moi? Hope you have a very happy birthday! Lucy x PS I want that cook book too...*pins frantically*

    1. Haha, i've just read your comment out to him, so he should consider himself told! A pinterest board as a giant wish list? I like your style!!

  2. Liza tarbuck is great on a Saturday- I listen from Kuwait... But disappointed she was on holiday yesterday! Holiday!! I tell you- that is not even work- just fun!

    Coffee makers look fab! Maybe someone will take the subtle hint.

    1. Ha, subtle like a brick?!

      Yay, another Liza fan! She's ace isn't she and I was gutted when she wasn't on yesterday too. I think it was to do with the proms, i'm hoping she's back next week and isn't planning on sunning herself for too long - the cheek of it!

  3. Hi Lia love your post, hope you received at least some of the items on your wish list. The
    Fjallraven Kanken Mini UN Blue is still available tax free and with free shipping. The UN colour is United Nations Blue colour other wise known as Uncle. I believe there was a Man from Uncle once but maybe that was just made up lol :)