November 10, 2013

10.11.13 | Mmmmmmmmm!

I get a lot of emails asking me to link to this, or link to that and some of it is just a little bland or boring or not really something I'm into, but this morning I got an email asking me to take part in a bloggers competition where you design your perfect dinner party menu! Now, considering food & recipe building is something I'm constantly thinking about, I thought I'd be mad not to give it a go.

Before we get down to the grub, can I first babble on about who exactly is coming to this perfect party? Of course I can:
I'm think I'm going to invite six guests because cooking for six is just on the border line of becoming a stress head and I really don't want to be stressed at my fantasy dinner party.
So, first up Guy Garvey. At first I was just going to have him sit in the corner singing but thought that a) that might be a bit weird and b) it's a bit of an insult as I quite like most of what he has to say.
Next to Guy I'm going to put Claudia Winkleman, partly because of her fringe, partly because of her eye make up, but mostly because I actually want to be her.
I'm also going to invite Liza Tarbuck because I love her - have done since The Big Breakfast days and she can go and plonk herself down next to Ricky Gervais, because I can't take all the responsibility of being the only comedic genius at this party. Actually, I'd like to pull Ricky up about tripping me up once outside the newsagents on Newman Street and not saying sorry. Tsk!
Team those guests with Mark Ruffalo (mainly to look at, I'll admit) and Stephen Fry (because who wouldn't?) and we're in for a right old treat!

So, now for the whole point of this post - the FOOD! My idea of the perfect dinner party is of one that's relaxed, informal, with nice low music, lots of good wine and food heavy on flavour & low on faff. As a go to when we have family and friends over for food, it's almost always Mexican so this time i thought I'd shake it up a little with a rustic, Italian feast, in the way of:

On arrival
apricot bites with goats cheese and toasted almonds

To Start
Mozarella bruschetta with rocket drizzle

Main Course
Scallops with saffron potatoes and blood orange salsa

To Finish
Brown sugar meringues with red wine plums

All washed down with some good wine & i imagine, excellent conversation!

Now wouldn't that be nice?