December 02, 2013


For Dad - The Burger: because I feel guilty sometimes, filling this mad hungry carnivore up with kale and quinoa.

For Mum: Alphabet phone case: because black/white/bold font/A for Alia = no brainer with me.

For Dex - Aqua Dragons: because in the summer Dexter was gifted this from the people at Hobby Craft and he loved them (well all three of the kiddos did in actual fact!) He has been asking for it over and over again, so I snapped up some more for stocking fillers. What boy wouldn't like to breed his own pets - and the fact they are called sea dragons? Well, game over!!

For Flo: Hand warmers: because she's constantly wanting to be outside playing football, and for the 20 mile school run we all go through weekly. The fact they are in her favourite colour is a bonus!

For India: Balloon Powered Wooden Boat: because bath times and balloons are her two favourite things :)

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