December 31, 2013


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Hello! Did you all have a good Christmas?! 
We didn't *sad face* 
Yep, Christmas 2013 was a total washout and we were all sick. We seemed to take one day each in turn to ruin Christmas, it was such a shame. We had to postpone trips to see family and cancel things and it was all just a bit rubbish. Argh.
So, because of that, we are turning today / tonight into our Christmas night & NYE rolled into one. The plan is to have a nice big family buffet then get the little miss into bed by 7pm so we can relax with the older kids watching films, playing games & seeing if they can make it until Big Ben strikes! Who knows if they will or not - I doubt it very much considering Flo couldn't keep awake for the Dr Who special a month or so back - but we shall see. I'll be sneaking myself a few glasses of something sparkly because I'm attempting a six-month alcohol free zone, starting tomorrow! Yep, 6 months!! I'm looking forward to it actually because apart from three pregnancies, i don't think I've ever gone that long without a glass of something! Oooops!

I haven't made any other NY resolutions though, i just want to be a little healthier, read more and possibly take up a yoga class, because it's virtually impossible to practice at home these days with India hurtling about the place! So, that's in for us - I hope you have a lovely time this evening and I'll see you next year!!


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