April 07, 2014


Bahaha - found this picture which I can only assume was taken in error whilst I was trying to take a head shot for something, but it kind of sums up how I'm feeling!

I'm still rattling around the blogger corridors like some lost old ghost whilst we get on with my WordPress site / new domain / logo and other such things. Yes, I said we; turns out I know very little, about anything, so I have very nice and clever people doing it for me and all I have to do is feed them good food - Hurrah! Well, one of them is in Thailand, so i can't feed him anything except thank you emails, but I'm grateful to them all!

I'm hoping to blog a couple of times this week as there were a couple of companies I was working with when Dizzy Loves Icy blew up, and i'd like to honour that if I may? Of course I can. So if you want to know about wall stickers, or the worlds most amazing eye cream (seriously, it's a miracle) then you know where to come. 

See you soon, here and then there - YAY!


  1. looking forward to seeing the new site! exciting! x

  2. Can't wait to see the new site and also I NEED some of this eye cream, seriously my dark circles are starting to freak children out. x

  3. haha looks like you were practicing your tragedy dance moves...but very excited to see what you (and the others!) have up your sleeves!

  4. I know this feeling and I hope your transition over to wordpress is not too stressful - looking to see your posts this week :)

    laura x

  5. I so know this feeling!! I regularly look like that!! Hope it all goes well!