February 14, 2011


After asking 'how many sleeps now mum?' since her brothers birthday in October, Flo's birthday weekend finally arrived. Some time back in January i temporarily lost my marbles (no need for any jokes here, thanks all the same) and agreed to a party at The Zany Zone. Yes - it is totally as awful as it sounds, but I guess as soft play places go, it's not that bad - especially if you only invite people you actually know & their kids. So, that's what we did - and it was quite nice prepping the party for the most part (there was a day when Flo tantrumed for about 45 minutes over some sellotape not quite doing what she wanted it to) - but apart from that we had fun.

We made and filled seperate girls & boys party bags because one of the little demons boys told Flo he would not come if it was too girly - how lovely....

We made loads of cupcakes & a very special birthday cake for the girl of the moment. Even if i do say so myself - it tasted amazing!

The party itself seemed to be a success - loads of running, yelling, laughing and eating was done and i don't know whether it was the fact that I was continuously chanting "it's almost finished, you're nearly there" over & over in my head, or just the fact that it was a good party, but most kids left with a big smile on their little faces. Hurrah!

So, there we have it - Little Miss is 4!


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