March 02, 2011


I FEEL MASSIVE. I look massive, i eat like a massive person & I get off of the couch like a massive person. All of these things probably do well to explain why I feel the way i do, but it doesn't stop me moaning about it none the less. But i'm allowed to have a little moan - i haven't slept for longer than 2 hours straight since September & even though people are very keen to remind me how 'i ain't seen nothing yet' - it doesn't make it any prettier.

Then, of course I feel bad for moaning because really, i know how lucky I am to be in my current state, but sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees, so sorry. I'll shut up now & concentrate on the good bits...

..... midwife appointment today & ........ she's turned (baby, not midwife) and because of that she's no longer considered big for her dates (shit- it must be just cake and Sainsburys full sugar cloudy lemonade then).

So, i'm back on track for the home birth which is excellent news, as i am terrified of giving birth in the car or car park (I have very fast labours) so at my next appointment i'll be doing my birth plan. I know from experience that this means nothing really but it's nice to dream how idyllic it could be with your favourite music playing softly whilst you wallow about in some warm water with a smile on your face. Even so i'll probably just write the words get baby out & check she's ok in big fat capital letters as it's easier and far more realistic.

So at her current state, she is 2/5 engaged. I'm not even going to google to see if this is normal or not at 34 weeks as i'm just going round in circles but the midwife did say today that i probably wouldn't even need to push to erm 'release' her. Man, i hope she's joking else I will just sit here drinking lemonade for the last 3 weeks - just to be on the safe side.

So, to finish off here's another pic - taken in the usual glamourous location of my loo -

And sssssssssh but I think i'm 100% set on a name. Just need to get the mister on board - fingers crossed! He has said in the past he thought it was 'OK' so there is hope YAY!

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