March 09, 2011


I would like more money please. Every day I see something that I neeeeeeed to have and i've never got any spare pennies to buy it. Crap isn't it?! I'm going to have even less money once we shell out £300 on a new buggy, £150 on a car seat and about a million squid on all the other things babies need, so I have decided that once a week I will indulge in a spot of official fantasy shopping. I can buy whatever I want for moi, and buy whatever I want for the people I love.
Pointless activity? You betcha, but I love online shopping so this will make me very happy indeed ;)

For me - I want this print for our hallway 
It's from one of my fave shops Urban Outfitters

For Dizzy Boo i choose these. He'd be the happiest boy on earth
I haven't seen them online anywhere (yet) - I found them here

For Icy Gubbins, i'll get this even though she really doesn't deserve any fantasy treats as she has just had the mother of all tantrums and chucked her juice across the room  
It's from my absolute fave online shop to buy kiddies clothes from - Nordic Kids

And even though she's not even here yet, i still get to chose something for little miss bump. 
I'll probably end up getting her this anyway, as I love anything BlaBla for babies . She already has a mobile from them waiting to be hung up, so this will match lovely (and excitedly Violet is a possible middle name!!)

............And the mister? Jesus, give me a break! It takes me about a month of restless nights, intense shopping, constant probing and nagging to find out what he'd like for his birthday, and that's only once a year! So no, he won't feature in the 'Fantasy Shopping List' posts much!!

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