March 14, 2011


36 weeks - WOW! Not a lot has changed really since my last pregnancy post, except i've probably gained about 4 billion pounds (i banned scales at about week 1) and drank about 4 billion litres of diet coke. All i want to do is drink, drink, drink and it has to be fizz, fizz, fizz. I'm trying really hard to be healthy, but as all the important developing of baba has been sorted and she's just gaining weight now, i'm chillaxing a bit more. Walking is quite a mission, and i'm waking up about 6 times a night, but apart from that it's all good.
I *think* I have everything ready - with the exception of a pram & car seat (yep, pretty major i know!) so I feel a little less manic. I have even stopped waking up at 3am to make lists & email the mister exciting emails about breast pads (tmi?) so I must be ready in my head.
I'm going to see the midwife on Wednesday, and i think i'll pack my (emergency) hospital bag tomorrow once i've picked up some comfy lounge clothes to settle into after the big event. Ooooooo - it's getting so close now.

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