March 21, 2011


Finally, after what feels like the longest, coldest, bleakest winter ever (drama queen, moi?) Spring decided to arrive and gave us 2 whole days of uninterrupted sunshine - bliss! It was so warm & sunny that we decided to get out, and be quick sharp about it and even though my energy levels & walking speed currently resembles those of a slug, we crammed quite a lot in. 
Parks, woodland walks, beer (read lime & soda) gardens, ice-creams, bouncy castles & picnics we're all on the agenda & it was lovely. I even managed to enjoy myself doing a spot of spring cleaning - not nesting - spring cleaning (back to denial for me it seems). Speaking of which i actually hit the 37 week mark with babygirlbump so i'm done, and she's done and now we just..................wait. And eat. Lots. Which is good as we're all off out for Pizza tonight at the new little cafe at the bottom of our street - hoorah!

Anyway, here's some sunny spring pics of our weekend. Enjoy x

The very same Golden Valley walk

 and again...

Icy Gubbins refusing point blank to smile for the camera. Dizzy on the other hand, lapping it up...

Picnic time! Or should that be 'I will only ever eat Pomegranate jewels and crisps' time?


and finally... Balloons over the park :)

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