May 16, 2011

Finally she's here! (Well, i say finally but she's actually a month old today! That has got to be the fastest month in history.)

So, without further a do, i introduce to you my beautiful baby girl India Violet. She's just perfect & we are all totally smitten with her. It feels like she's been part of the family for ever and she is so good! She likes to have a bit of a party around her 4am feed some nights, but apart from that she is a dream!

So, after a long long wait (she was 9 days over her due date) I went into labour the morning of the 18th April 2011. My labour was actually amazing (no, really) & for the most part, i loved the experience. It lasted 7 hours in total, 6 of them being fantastic & only the last hour being a little like hard work! I went from being in an amazing state of mind, bouncing on my silver space hopper singing along to lots of 90's indie (whilst caning 6 cannisters of gas & air) to suddenly feeling like i'd been hit by a bus. The home-birth went out the window when India got stuck. So, one blue light ambulance ride later, and only 3 minutes actually on hospital grounds, out came a back-to-front (hence the getting stuck part) & pretty large 9lb 3oz India, ready to meet her adoring public. This is *exactly* what her sister did (ambulance ride, 3 minutes in hospital!) - hmmm high drama girls, where do they get that from?!

My midwives were the best - especially Anne who is probably the worlds nicest woman & the student midwife India (see what we did there?) who was experiencing her first birth. At one point i had 4 midwives in my bedroom drinking tea & chatting about holiday destinations whilst i drank tea & ate peanut butter sandwiches!! It really was the most chilled out vibe ever, so thank you to Bath Community Midwives for that experience which i will always treasure 

Here's some piccies from her first month - enjoy x

Less than 24hrs old here. Yes, she was the only baby with a bright orange gnome hat on! Ha!

Here she is 11 days old giving it some Heart at the Royal Wedding picnic in the park

 & all bright eyed and flippin' gorgeous working out on her baby gym!

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