May 21, 2011


I think i may have finished India's nursery - hooorah! Not bad considering she's er.. 5 WEEKS OLD on Monday!! Actually, i'm not going to beat myself up too much as she won't be sleeping in there for at least another 6 months and she won't be old enough to appreciate any of her toys yet, so at the moment it's just a baby changing area to her, a pooing room if you will.
I am still waiting on trying to find some shelves for the back wall as it looks a bit naked with just bunting hanging there, but apart from that, i'm all set. I wanted to keep the room light & airy as it is a tiny space, and I wanted to mix some new items with some vintage pieces and create a peaceful little space. Luckily she has a built in wardrobe which is a converted airing cupboard so i can get away with just shelves on the wall, which are starting slowly to fill up with toys.

Cot - Ikea, Chair - Ikea, Cushion - Cath Kidston, Crochet blanket - a gift from my thrifty vintage hunter friend Bev at The Salvage Patch, Selection of books - various

This book is from my childhood. I have such fond memories of my Great-Grandad Ed reading me bedtime stories from this book when I used to stay over with him & my nanny May when my mum worked night shifts. 

Mobile (with a wink to India's star sign Aries) - Blabla Kids, Vintage picture - another a gift from my thrifty vintage hunter friend Bev at The Salvage Patch!

1976 Holly Hobbie plate - ebay

1976 Holly Hobbie doll - ebay

Wooden toy soilders - charity shop

1970's cushion cover - ebay

Wall awaiting shelves and inspiration! Bunting - ebay, Fabric 'I' letter - Urban Outfitters


  1. Oh! It's beautiful! I used to have a Holly Hobby doll when I was little :)
    PS. Found you through Blow Your Own...

  2. Lovely lovely! Great idea to have a book basket under the chair. Inspired to soon post our (half) nursery too!
    Also found you through bloghorn