October 04, 2011


The time has come for Little Miss Indi to - if she's anything like her mama - begin her life long love affair with food!  So it was time to stock up on some lovely organic & seasonal fruit & veggies ready to whizz up & freeze for the messy journey ahead, alongside the mountain of equipment we needed. I went to JoJo's, Cath Kidston & Argos & decided we needed these ice cube pots, this genius feeder, these bowls, this little sippy cup and of course a highchair - I chose this Mamu one. And with all this, we were pretty much good to go.
So, i began peeling, chopping, de-seeding, steaming & whizzing like a mad thing , to errr,  not actually produce much food. Hmmm. Indi is on 3 meals a day, she needs a fair sized amount of this stuff, so for now i'm buying in (3 kids, 6 school runs, only so many hours in the day etc etc)!
So, Indi is now a big fan of Ella's Kitchen which is perfect for us as the amount of time my little lady spends out & about, defrosting food ice-cubes would prove a bit of a problem.  Her fave has to be the brocolli, pears & peas & we get huge smiles when she sups that off her teeny little plastic spoon. She's fast becoming a real pro at this eating lark, and it's pretty fun for me too. Her faces are of comedy gold when she tries something new for the first time, and sssssssssh, but as a brucey bonus, she slept from 18:45 right through to 6:30am last night!! Whooooo Hooooooo, having a full tummy rocks! But then, her mama could have told you that already....

Here's some more snaps. Enjoy x

Yay for orange food & no clean bibs!!

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