October 02, 2011


Say's it all really. I am so so busy & it's seriously eating into blogging time. I know i moaned about this already this month, so at the risk of sounding like a broken record, i'm going to carry on. Even as i prep this blog (it's 7am on a Sunday morning)......... OH, WAIT A MOMENT......

leaves room sighing & eye rolling

.......RESUME! See what i'm talking about?! (well, no you don't as you don't live here but just go with me). Just then, when i'd managed to type a whole 3 & a half sentences, i get dragged upstairs to find a sock. Turns out no-one has any clean undies, well they do, but my steam ran out yesterday before I put anything away. That is seriously the most annoying, pointless and time consuming chore in the whole world - putting clothes away. You spend ages doing it, only to have someone parade around in them some 12 hours later smearing chocolate all over them as if to stick two fingers up to your domestic goddess attempts. Argh! Anyway, i digress. 

I really am rather busy. And confused by every sodding thing that needs doing around here. So confused in fact, that i was late to pick up little miss from school on Wednesday. I had on my calendar 12 noon. I had in my diary 12 noon. I had on my iphone organiser 12 noon. The letter sent home from school said 12 noon. Every living soul on earth knew it was 12 noon. Except for me & my cotton wool brain who had decided it was 12:30. So, there you have it - a black mark against me, week 4 of school. Damn. (She was fine by the way, a friend stayed with her & called me & the mister had her picked up & in my arms by 12:07, so hopefully she won't be scarred for life & we can hold off on the therapy sessions- for now.)

Every single day on my calendar has at least 3 things on it to do, and for the most part, i get them done, it's just .... ARGH! HANG ON - i currently have a blue lightsaber smacking me around the face ......... OK. 
..... this week has been even more busy. I had a birthday which was lovely, I had Dr's apps, I had play dates coming out of my ears, 6 school runs a day and a girls night out with 15 other friends to prepare for and the week just ran away with me.  And to top it all off, Indi is a poorly little lady. Coughing and sneezing pretty much all the time, but the doc has checked her over & we pretty much have to just ride it out, but there are sleepless nights a plenty going on here.....

So, yep. Just because I'm busy, doesn't mean I don't love you! x

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